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About Us

Tradex Asia Ltd is a major supplier to the Food, Juice and Beverage manufacturers in S.E.ASIA, CHINA, EUROPE, UK, USA and the MIDDLE EAST with offices in Thailand and China and ware housing facilities in Thailand.

Tradex was founded in 2002. Tradex's purpose is to arrange End-user shipments of products via selected Processors. Tradex links end-users to Processors capable of shipping end-user's products via the correct containers to the target destination.


Featured Products

100% from concentrate

100% Fruit Juice Concentrates

Orange | Mandarin | Tangerine | Apple | Pear | Grape | Grapefruit | Pineapple | Passion fruit

100% from concentrate

Berries Concentrate

Blackcurrant | Raspberry | Blueberry | Cranberry | Strawberry | Sour Cherry

100% from concentrate

Not from Concentrate

Orange | Apple | Pineapple | Grapefruit(Red & Pink)

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Berry concentrate
Canned fruit & veg